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The new law nr.93 / 2016 for some amendments to the Law Nr. 9640, dated 9.11.2006, “Chambers of Commerce and Industry”, as amended, contains important functional changes to the Chambers of Commerce in Albania which affect all existing businesses and new ones that will operate in the Albanian market.

Article 6 of the Law Nr. 9640 is amended as follows:

“Members of the Chamber, under this law, are all business entities registered at the National Business Center, except for entities that are registered in a Chamber or in a professional body established by a special law. The membership fee in the Chamber for all business entities that are registered for the first time at the National Business Center is 100 (one houndred) leke. The annual membership fee for all individuals is not more than 1000 (one thousand) leke. The annual membership fee for all legal entities is not less than 3000 (three thousand) and not more than 100,000 (one hundred thousand) leke. The members of the Chamber pay the annual fee by 31 March of each year. The extent and the share collection procedures is established by the Chamber, according to the categorization.

All commercial entities, as defined in this article, are required to deposit with the National Center of Business, pursuant to paragraph 3 of Article 43 of Law no. 9723, dated 3.5.2007, “On the business registration”, as amended, “the document confirming the payment of the annual membership fee in the Chamber.

As can be seen from this article, the law nr.93 / 2016 compels all commercial entities for membership in a Chamber of Commerce of paying for a membership fee even more, whereas before the entry into force of this law the membership in the Chamber of Commerce, both for individuals and for legal entities was voluntary. Moreover, the determination of the amount of membership fees was the competence of the Chamber that the new law repealed.

It ‘important to stress that the nr.93 / 2016 law did not report any extension or modification in general skills to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Albania, and this fact has subsequently caused the protest from the business community operating in Albania the new law.