The legal registered office for companies service offered by us is intended as a virtual office, registered on behalf of a company at the National Business Center, where as a result any mail is delivered to be delivered directly to the Intestate in the agreed modalities in real time.

You can get multiple services and according to the chosen level different rates are estimated. In any case, the management and archiving in dedicated areas of all correspondence destined to the company’s registered office will start.

The advantages of using the legal domiciliation service offered by us are many, including:

Savings and Convenience: you do not have any rent or maintenance costs for starting up your business and for more the costs for legal domiciliation offered by our Studio are minimal.
More effective document management: your official documents are received by qualified personnel who will forward them immediately.
Flexibility: you do not have to be present in the office to receive parcels and correspondence; with a simple agreement between the parties you will allow us to receive and manage the mail on your behalf.
You can directly forward your requests for a free estimate or to set up a cognitive interview by filling out the contact form in the CONTACTS section