According to the Albanian legislation in force all companies must be established in one of the following forms:

  1. Collective Company (Shoqëri Kolektive)
  2. Limited partnership (Shoqëri Komandite)
  3. Limited Liability Company (Shoqëri me përgjegjësi tė kufizuar, Sh.p.k.)
  4. Corporation

The initial registration and every subsequent registration takes place through application at any stop service of the National Center of Registration, in the whole territory of the Republic of Albania, regardless of place of business, domicile or headquarters of the applicant.

For the initial registration of commercial companies are required the following information:

  1. name;
  2. form;
  3. date of establishment;
  4. the identification data of the founders;
  5. registered office;
  6. object if it is established;
  7. the duration, if it is determined;
  8. the identification data of those responsible for the administration and the representation of the Company against third parties, prosecutors, and the legal terms of their nomination.
  9. the sample signature (signatures) of people who represent the company before third parties.