Our Legal Consulting covers the following areas of expertise:

 Corporate Law Consulting

We provide assistance in all phases of the life of a company, from conception of a project which in itself implies the choice of business model to be adopted, through implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the entire enterprise control system until the possible closure of the company.

In the field of company law, the law firm offers a highly specialized, in particular on incorporation.

The law firm offers consultancy and assistance regarding the start-up phase, the Constitution, the national and international contracts and liquidation / dissolution of the Company.

Our assistance in the establishment of the initial phase for the Start-up includes:

  • assistance in the choice of the corporate form dealing with the establishment of any kind of company or body
  • capital rating and corporate bodies
  • preparation of memorandum and articles of association
  • legal Domiciliation
  • registration at the National Business Center
  • maintenance of accounting and tax dormant company and / or without activity

Consulting in Commercial Law

Our lawyers also provide technical assistance and specialist advice to enterprises with the following activities:

  • protection of know-how and the industrial / intellectual property
  • updating on tax news
  • analysis of international conventions.
  • in the national and international contracts
  • in the negotiation and drafting of all types of trade agreement
  • consulting in European law and corporate Sector International
  • assistance in practice than once liquidation that has’ decided to dissolve the company by implementing all the steps that will lead, through the liquidation of assets, the payment of debts and finally the termination of the activity.
  • monthly calculation of payroll
  • monthly accounting administration
  • preparation of the annual accounting statements

Advice and Assistance in Employment Law

The firm offers advice for all aspects and stages of labor relations and / or collaboration:

  • drafting of employment contracts or collaboration
  • conduct of their employment (health and safety in the workplace, privacy, exercise of disciplinary power, etc.)
  • contract terminations / dismissals
  • discipline the employee on secondment and other forms of collaboration
  • general relations with the bodies about any inscriptions, changes and whatever else needs business management
  • assistance with labor disputes
  • bookkeeping pay
  • research and consulting
  • support to the employer at the time of inspection
  • assistance with the social insurance and welfare institutes
  • advice on accidents at work and occupational diseases
  • consulting in the field of employment

Our Firm among other things directs the customer to the local professionals and Associates in matters where it is necessary use of special expertise, working as a mediator.