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We take the opportunity to express our full readiness and at the same time our reception about care of your business initiative in Albania. We also want to assure you that we will take care to respond in real time and complete the requirements for which your business needs.

We provide assistance in all phases of the life of a company, from conception of a project

CORETRE ALBANIA is the leader Society that offers all Human Resource related services. These encompass executive search, recruitment, training and Human Resource consultancy.

We offer professional training for the companies which wish a ad hoc training for their staff.

CORETRE ALBANIA also offers a wide range of services in outsourcing and we are also operating in market research and scientific projects.


Comes as a result of the various experiences and achievements won over the years, both in the state sector also in the private sector. And precisely because of these experiences that we decided to realize this project as a family investment. Our vision is to direct and serve as the benchmark for foreign investment in Albania.


Who we are? We provide assistance in all phases of the life of a Company


The recruiting service offered by our company is the result of many years of experience


A key to our success lies in our dedicated team